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Affordable Medical Resources

Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice

Maximize Your Client's Claims

Save Hours Reviewing Your Client's Medical Records!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your client's medical records?


Worry no more! Our team of medical professionals will organize, synthesize, summarize, and arrange the records in chronological order.

This will make your job a breeze when navigating your client's case and preparing for important pre-trial proceedings.


The solution is simple. Let our keen medical professionals do the dirty work, so your legal team can be more proactive with your clients. 


We can cut your review of complex medical records by as much as 90%!!


Spend less time pouring over medical records and more time fighting for justice. 

Benefits of outsourcing

  • Save time when evaluating cases

  • Easily prepare for depositions

  • Possess key tools to prepare for mediation

  • Give experts a key case map that allows them to review client's files

  • Provide referral attorneys with a case map which improves attorney client relationships

  • Provide turnkey medical expertise

  • Avoid costly overhead

  • Bill the expense to your client's file


No matter the size of your firm, we act as your partner throughout your client's case to ensure that you are on top of the litigation process. We make a potentially overwhelming task a breeze, so your firm can be as prepared as it possibly can through every step of the way. Tort Solutions works hard to provide you a work product that makes your job easier. 

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