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Affordable Medical Resources

Mass Tort Litigation

We Help Your Firm:

  • Take On And Manage More Cases

  • Keep Your Firm's Overhead Low

  • Avoid SOL Issues 

  • Reduce Deficiency Notices

  • Streamline Settlement

  • Have Confidence In Your Case Inventory 

  • Bring Affordable Medical Expertise To Your      Firm

  • Keep Your Cases Organized

  • Know Exactly What Is In Your Case Inventory

  • Devote Your Staff To More Important Tasks

  • Control Case Costs

Medical Device Litigation

 Certain factors involved with medical device litigation require specialized expertise. Medical professionals trained in orthopedics, radiology, hematology, infectious disease, and trauma can help decipher and simplify your client's case. 

Instantly know

  • Key Case Enhancement Factors

  • Proof of Product I.D.

  • Blood work and Metallosis Diagnosis

  • Complex MRI and CT Scan Interpretations

Pharmaceutical  Litigation

Pharmaceutical Mass Torts can be especially complex. Confusing pharmacy records, pathology reports, and perplexing diagnoses, make tying together this type of litigation difficult. Our team, with specialties in Oncology, Pharmacology, and Psychopharmacology, help to make sense of overwhelming medical records. 

Instantly know

  • Product I.D.

  • Cumulative Dosage

  • Pathology Report Interpretations

  • Cofounding Factors

  • Gaps In Treatment

With You Every Step Of Litigation

Screen Cases For Merit

Medical Professionals review your Case and deem it necessary for further investment. We identify your required cases parameters to see if it fits your criteria for a "good case."

Fact Sheet Preparation

When you decide to move forward with a case, we will take your client's medical records and fill out as much of the fact sheet possible. You will receive a fact sheet that already has all the painstaking clinical information sections completed. 

Comprehensive Case Review

It is key to have a complete snapshot of your client's case at your fingertips. We take all of the medical records and condense them into a user-friendly electronic summary in chronological format. This reduces your case review time by 90%.

Settlement Packages

When a settlement is announced there can be stressful deadlines placed on your firm to complete the settlement packages. Worry no more! Our keen medical professionals prepare and grade out your clients for you based on the settlement matrix. Getting your firm in the front of the line to get paid. 

Streamline Your 


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